Software Development

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Bespoke Secure ERP Design & Development

Automation can be a vital aspect of a successful business; therefore, having the right ERP solution is very crucial to organizational growth.

An ERP allows you to combine all the functions of an enterprise such as (inventory management, invoice tracking, sales module, purchase management, customer support service, finance, HR, Application, Fee Payment, Academics, Library, Exams, and Records, etc.) into one comprehensive information system that is accessible by individuals across an entire organization.

At Brainiac Solutions, we have developed secure ERP solutions for businesses, schools, hospitals, establishments, and Government agencies. However, we design and build bespoke secure ERP systems that provide extra features and/or functions that you may like to be integrated into the ERP software.

Software Development

The custom ERP system is built to your specification, completely personalized to suit your needs.

The Brainiac bespoke secure ERP solution will help you; manage your business processes, reduce to the barest minimum the obstacles and cost of running a business, control the risk of data loss and complexity, as well as to achieve a maximum ROI on your technology investments.

Get in touch with us today let’s come in and automate your enterprise processes with a bespoke secure Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Software We Develop

Fully in the art and science of software engineering and management, we help you to build high-quality software solutions and products as well as deliver a wide range of related professional services in :

  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • APIs Libraries
  • eCommerce Websites

We Eagerly put in use IT Innovations

With a collective experience of over 15 years in web and mobile application development, our team of expert programmers are trained to build and launch bespoke web and mobile apps that will serve an organization’s individual needs irrespective of the complexity involved.

We offer perfect services for fast-growing Tech companies, Educational Institutions, Government Institutions, Hospitals, and Hotels. Our applications are hosted on the high-end cloud storage platform, which brings the risk of data loss to zero.

With the high-quality solution, thorough testing, attractive and intuitive design, web solution integration with ERP and other enterprise systems; our team provides 24/7 continuous support to ensure you are getting the best out of our services.

Leveraging our cross-platform experience and expert business analysis know-hows, we build solutions to match our customers’ specific needs. The custom application effortlessly becomes integrated into the existing systems, with the critical business processes fully automated. To find out more about our customized applications, click on the ‘Get a quote’ button below.

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